Why Albania

Excellent year round climate with average temperatures between 22-30 degrees allowing for excellent rental potential:



  • EU accession anticipated by 2014, recent EU entrants have seen property prices increase by between 40$ – 100% in the five years since accession.
  • Albania is the last undeveloped coastal area in Europe with prices that cannot be beaten for frontline coastal property
  • Albania allows freehold purchases in own name with no complicated structures required and mortgage finance is readily available
  • Albania has direct short flights from all major European cities and string local tourism underpinning rental demand
  • Albania is situated on the Adriatic Sea nestled in between Greece and Montenegro and opposite Italy
  • Albania has no Capital Gains Tax and only 10% payable on income.
  • Albania has large, untouched expanses of golden sandy beaches, set against the clear blue warm waters of the Adriatic Sea.
  • Albania has a rapidly growing tourism market with a genuinely low cost of living. EU entry likely to cause massive demand and price increases
  • Albania has a stable government and parliamentary democratic system of free elections
  • Property Prices have been increasing by approximately 20% annually for past 5 years