Albanian fortresses the most ancient in the Balkans


Albanian fortresses the most ancient in the Balkans

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Added by Editor on September 20, 2012 By Angela B

We can’t deny the fact that Albania in not the best places in the world to visit. Well, when you are an avid traveler and you will visit the place, the very first things that you will notice are the fact that it is very simple and only few things can be done to fill up your itinerary. Unlike to other places, the history of Albania is incomparable. The restructuring of the place is very expensive but it is carefully done to restore the Ottoman treasures. It is something that is truly unique in Albania. In addition to that, you can see things more beautiful as compared to what they have been for several years aside from the very fantastic rainbow coloured transformation of some of the apartment blocks of Tirana.

Well, this gives an exceptional opportunity for the visitors in the country to see the amazingly rich attraction and countless historic monuments. The visitors have the chance to see old and ancient places that haven’t been touched by the restoration groups. The fortresses are the distinct symbol of the country. Here are the three most beautiful fortresses in Albania and each of these fortresses provides a distinct insight into the history of this ancient and usually the Europe’s troubled corner.

Berat| Kala Berat

First is the city of Berat. Perhaps, this is the most well-known attraction of Albania. This city is composed of three different areas. One is the modern city of Mangalen which is actually located on the north bank of the river. There are quite a number of restaurants and main shops can be found in this area. It is normally flocked by visitors during the peak season. In addition to that, this is also the place where people there come out just to walk at sunset every day. A vital point of Berat is the “Kala”. This is the hill fortress that looks like an abandoned city.

Kruja| Fortress of Kruja

Second is Kruja. This area is composed of a spectacular hillside setting which has the best views to the west. As a matter of fact, you can arrive in this place for only an hour from Tirana. This place is also the home of Skanderbeg, the 15th century hero of Albania. Today, this fortress has the modern museum that showcases its history and the life of this celebrated hero.

Shkodra | Rozafa Fortress

In the third place comes Shkodra. For people who are passing in and out of Albania through the land, this city is their first and last stop. It is home to a lot of monuments that signify the history of the place. For those who want to see the authentic history of the country, this is something that you shouldn’t miss.

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